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Greece N.Y at 3000 Moun​t Read Boulevard. We have been a NYS Certified Security Guard Training School since 2009 and have been a leader in the Rochester N.Y. area in providing the most comprehensive training that you can have. The reflection of this comes from the BBB which  we have the distinction of being an accredited business in the area. ​By us sticking to our commitment of service after you leave we have been distinguished from the other training schools as the BEST bar none. Rochester Security Training Center offers the most classes of any training school including classes during the week as well as Saturday Classes. We work with your business to make sure that you are up to date with all guards and help with questions you may have about Security for you and your guards.    


Rochester Security Training Center's instructors have worked in the security field and understand and know what it is like to be a security guard. The director has over 30 years of experience as a security guard and began his career as a security guard for a guard agency. From there he worked as a loss prevention agent for a number of years and then as a security guard in a school in Monroe County.

His final security job was at a local hospital where he was a security officer and he retired to offer his knowledge to those wishing to become security guards. RSTC has been recommended by hundreds of former and present security guards and businesses to go to for training and also has been serving the Rochester area for thirteen years with an outstanding rating in the community. Why go to another school where you are just a number and forgotten as soon as you leave the school. Try RSTC and see the difference---We guarantee it. 

Rochester Security Training Center can be reached through email @ or you can call (585) 260-6169. Let us have the privilege of helping you on your career and if you are already a security guard let us help you continue your career as a security guard.

Thank You

Ralph DiGiovanni (Director)



                    RSTC is a certified Security Guard Training School through

                    the New York State Division Of Criminal Justice Services. We

                    offer all the courses needed to become an un-armed security

                    guard and also keep current with New York State Guard law. 

                    RSTC can also help your business keeping up to date with all

                    the changes that come about year after year and also what 

                    your responsibilities are as an employer of security guards.

                    We are soon going to be offering a report writing course for

                    security guards which is a requirement all guards need to do

                    while working on the job.  If you have any questions about

                    working as a security guard feel free to contact us at any time. 

                   We will work with you even if you have taken classes  before

                   with other security guard schools. We are hear to help you.

                   give us a call and see what we have to offer you--you will not

                   be disappointed. 










                               R=  RESPECT

                                    S=  SERVICE

                                          T=  TRAINING

                                                C=  CONFIDENCE

                                   THAT'S WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT



               Rochester Security Training Center Offers The Following

              Classes For Security Guards:

                    8 Hour pre-assignment course needed to receive your

                   security guard license.


                   16 Hour On The Job Training course required to take

                   once you receive your license and start working in security.


                   8 Hour Annual In Service Training Course Which Needs To

                  be taken yearly

     Rochester Security Training Center is close to restaurants, and also has  easy 

     access to 390 North and South and 104 East and West.  We are located in Greece

     New York, south of stone road and have plenty of parking on the premises. 





 E-Mail at ROCHESTERRD8@AOL.COM or by phone at (585)260-6169


Our Products and Services

RSTC will not only help you to receive your license but will continue helping you through the whole process even after you become a registered security guard. We will supply you with all the needed information and forms for any issue that may arise and also help you with any follow up needed to resolve those issues. No other training school will give you more attention to your needs then us-ROCHESTER SECURITY TRAINING CENTER. We also will work with your business to make sure that they are also compliant with all the requirements they need for their security guards. We follow through with all aspects of your licensing and that is why we are the number

one training center in the area. No one does what we do.

RSTC not only offers classes for their students but follow up if needed for any problem that may come up

We are a full time training school and offer the most classes of any other school in the area

We also offer group classes for those businesses that want their guards to take classes together and receive reliable information

Confidence, dependability and assurance that you will receive the best security guard training in the area

Why take classes from others when you can take it from the BEST. With over 23 years experience in all walks of security. We are #1 bar none


Try Our Products and Services 

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